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SCIOTS [214]

Post  RexButtercup on Wed 16 Jul 2014 - 6:46

SCIOTS were founded on one fundamental principle - BOOST ONE ANOTHER! We have not formed explicitly to take over as the number one gang, which may sound unusual to some, but we do not seek players who want a cheap ride to the top of the list. We want to form a true organization that can grow and expand in any area by working together for one common goal. We want you to be the number one gang in your area, and we aim to help you achieve that by supplementing your income, and sharing our strategies with you to make you a stronger player. We are small in numbers, but we are strong and organized, and growing at the same pace as much larger gangs in our area. We can help you do the same thing. We are a perfect gang for solo players who are looking for help becoming a better player, and small gangs of people who are already connected, but are seeking to take that next step.

As of right now, SCIOTS have a primary Pyramid in Dallas, TX. We only recruit locally, and would expect future Pyramids to grow similarly. To start a pyramid in your area, contact our chief: RexDarkwing. We will share our insights with you to make you stronger, but aside from our fundamental principle, there is no other requirement. However, consider the importance of this principle before applying. We expect members to be positive and interactive, and we will kick members who cannot respect this.


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