Attack/Defense noticable

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Attack/Defense noticable

Post  DevilsNipple on Fri 8 Aug 2014 - 15:37

I think a good feature to be added would be real time attacks and defense shown in the map when in default "gangs" layer.

When a player attacks an area that square will flash twice Red (the areas colour basically changes to red and flashes).

When a player defends an area that square will flash twice Blue (the areas colour basically changes to blue and flashes).

This would be nice for players to see activity when wondering their towns, if you see an area flashing red you know there is someone actually playing the game (that isnt a bot) and attacking yours or other players areas. When it flashes blue you know that a player is actively defending his areas and so you can attack him knowing he will most likely fight back unlike most areas you will attack.

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