Man on a mission

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Man on a mission

Post  DevilsNipple on Tue 2 Sep 2014 - 10:42

I think I have a good idea that not only adds to the game play but might fix an issue a lot of us are having.

Missions should require men. Certain missions need more men. For instance to rob a jewelry store it might take 3 men to do the mission. To follow an old lady it will only take 1 man but to start a riot it would take about 20.

I think this adds effect to the game. How can you do missions without men. How can you cause a huge riot without any men to start it. Each mission depending on what it says should use different amounts of men.

Special missions should use this as well. For level 1 only 1 man is needed to for a level 5 mission you need 50 men.

That's the part about adding to effect of game play. But why did I mention it will fix an issue? Simple. A lot of people have an issue like me, having dominated everywhere and placed 200 men on all areas you can't play anymore as your always full on resources. So even missions become impossible. But if we use men to do missions then it will allow us to use men up on missions and then do more missions.

Nicorr hasn't yet mentioned a way to fix our issue on always having full resources and I honestly think that this way would work really well. As well as adding a new game play element.
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