5 suggestions to City Domination

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5 suggestions to City Domination

Post  Xenofonte on Wed 3 Sep 2014 - 18:33

I have some tips and suggestions for changes to the lords.

1 - The option to call your facebook friends does not work, at least for me.

2 - I think it would be interesting to prove we made ​​our timeline on facebook. This would call the attention of our friends.

3 - Sometimes, the map of my city, appear some players who do not belong to my country, I know that because I saw their player names and the names of their gangs, but that's not the worst, the worst is that when I go talk to them, the message goes to a completely different user of my country.

4 - In the "Capone Help" option in the "Social" option, the field dedicated to advertising the game on facebook page, can not read what comes after "/" link. Improve this part of the text and translations into Portuguese.

5 - You should give some gold bars to anyone who helps in the improvement of the game, is not it? I think so ... hehehehehehe ...

I am the user "Xenofonte" master of the Gang "Me Ne Frego". Thanked.


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Re: 5 suggestions to City Domination

Post  Al_Capone on Mon 8 Sep 2014 - 18:45

4 - Could we get a screenshot of this please ?


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