the "rednose6666 Gang"

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the "rednose6666 Gang"

Post  rednose6666 on Sat 20 Sep 2014 - 12:45

hey everyone,
I want to tell you something about our Gang. It is a small gang at this time, we are active players and always search for good players all over the world. We want to have polite members.
But everything startet one month ago. Since this time, we are number one in our district. We have many friend gangs, but no war against others. Everything we need, are new people, who join us and get help from all the members in our Gang. Surprised
At this moment, we have too much districts under controle. Every Player has over 3000$, but that isn´t possible, so it will be nice to have more players, new players or ol players... that doesn´t matter
Everything we want is the WORLD !
If you are interested sent a request to us... OR share my godfather´s name "rednose6666"

Enjoy the game and the weekend...


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