Why I'm Quitting City Domination

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Why I'm Quitting City Domination

Post  ScrobDobbins on Sat 4 Oct 2014 - 23:53

Over the last couple of days, the people I regularly play with and I have been talking and we have decided that the game just isn't fun anymore and that we were going to stop playing.

Because I have for the most part enjoyed the last 100 days and thought this game had great potential, I figured I would make a post as a suggestion of what to do if you guys want to keep people playing and grow the game.

This is a screenshot of a particular player's area taken 5 days ago, 9/29/2014:

One of those HQs was placed that day, but I don't have screenshots before that. I took that because I noticed the HQ in a different gang and wanted to see when/if it would be converted into the main gang. I never in a million years expected to see what I saw when I came back.

This is a screenshot taken a few minutes ago - today, 10/4/2014 - 5 days later:

9 more HQs. For a total of 10 placed in 5 days. The point value of these HQs is $25,332. In 5 days.

It would take literally MONTHS to get that kind of points by actually going out and getting properties the old way. Now this guy is able to do it in just days without even leaving his house.

That's not the game we started playing and enjoyed so much. It goes against the core principal of the game - which was go around your city and try to take over properties. Now it's more like 'Backyard Domination' than 'City Domination'.

I hate to say it, but that's just not fun for me. And at least a few people agree. I can only hope you guys do something about this before other people leave like I am, because this game had so much potential. I have made a post asking about this and even given a suggestion as to how to correct the problem. But have heard nothing back. That's not a very encouraging sign. As a result, I can't justify spending any more time on this game because it seems like it's all for nothing. I refuse to play the HQ shuffle, even though my gang could probably benefit from it more than anyone else because of the large number of high-value properties we have. That's just not what the game was about in my opinion.

It's been fun and I hate to do it. But I do hope that you guys have success in the future because you started with a good concept. I think you've just strayed a bit too far from that.


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Re: Why I'm Quitting City Domination

Post  jackleg on Sun 5 Oct 2014 - 0:02

So this is how we get our group together and go on 3 raids every day, plus constantly do missions at home, yet lose  7000 points a day, yet other gangs don't lose anything?  You're right, we really have been wasting tons of time these past few months!

I play this game a lot more than the average player, and I hate to see it ruined by this blatant HQ cheating.   I though Nicorr said once that if it's not "in the spirit of the game" then it's cheating, so if this isn't cheating, I don't know what is...

I've asked some of the mods/devs to speak to me about issues and haven't heard anything back yet...   I'm hoping they will at least get my input before I leave as well.   On one hand, I don't want to quit, but on the other, what's the point when you play cheaters?

It really sucks to EARN HQs and spend literally hours building the value to $500 ($5000) per square, just to see someone come and build 10 cheap HQS ever 5 days.

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