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Overall Online Map

Post  Walt Johnston on Tue 7 Oct 2014 - 14:11

If anyone's ever played Ingress, you may be aware of their game map. https://www.ingress.com/intel I can zoom right into my neighborhood & bask in the glory of both of my portals (yes I know...)

On CD, I can only zoom out so far to see what's really around me. Afterwards, the tiles simply don't show up. Perhaps, via Google Maps again, something online could be set up to show exactly where everyone's territory is. I log in and I can choose from EVERYONE to JUST ME.

Larger gangs can use it to plan mass attacks on a rival gang. Smaller ones like mine can use it simply to track progression in certain areas.

Right now, I know we have territories in Moscow, Danzig & some unintelligible place in Thailand. However, I couldn't find those on the map if I wanted to, and neither can my colleague who took those tiles once he leaves the area.

An overall online map of all territories and squares could help fix that, and maybe lead to a bit more strategy in the game.
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