Localisation/Search Problem

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Localisation/Search Problem

Post  Mad Stone McKray on Wed 19 Nov 2014 - 15:13

First of all "Hello" to everyone!

I have experienced a problem with the localistation/(player/address)search function for about two weeks now. Whenever I try to localise a player or search for an address I get no results. More specifically, the game doesn't even give me the option to localise a player anymore in the appropriate menu and whenever I enter an address (or more specifically a well known location such as Paris or any other major city) in the search bar, I receive a message reading "address unknown" (well actually the message is in french for some reason).

Is there anyone who has or has had a similar problem and knows what to do? (Would fully deinstalling the app delete all my achievements?)

Thanks in advance for any helpful comments!
---Ok, problem solved. It worked after rebooting my mobile a couple of times.---

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