New Priorities

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New Priorities

Post  OncleSam on Tue 25 Nov 2014 - 14:45

Hi ! As you see, the last feature we worked on, has been released with the first event : Propaganda !

The poll you did has shown us your priorities :
1 : new features
2 : bugs
3 : cheating

The new events system is the new feature and we will keep improving it. BUT, from now, we won't work on any other big feature until march, and we will focus on bugs, stability, fluidity, etc. = the quality of gaming. We will also, step by step, develop news tools against cheating.

We hope that this announcement will please you and will show you that we listen your feedbacks, that we are aware that your experience may not be so good, and that we will do our best to improve it . Thank you for being behind us, don't hesitate to give your opinion Very Happy


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