Chat Bug?

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Chat Bug?

Post  King Parmenion on Wed 3 Dec 2014 - 0:34

Greetings all,

I've been unable to use the game chat for a couple of days now. Here's what's happening to me:

The private messages work just fine, but whenever I go into the public chat all I see is the background image (the buildings).
A couple of friends there had the same problem on sunday but that only lasted a few hours for them and all went back to normal. Mine is still bugged.
I've already tried to switch to different countries (\fr \us etc) and even reinstall the game but nothing changed.
The funny thing is I am still able to submit the messages to the chat and other people can see them and reply to me via private message, yet all I keep seeing is the background image.

Anyone out there having the same problem?

Any help will be much appreciated.

King Parmenion

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