Building, gang member titles, etc

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Building, gang member titles, etc

Post  d0minick on Tue 24 Feb 2015 - 20:26

So I've played this game for a unhealthy mount of time, and back in September there was promising of a building system? And also the ability to give members different titles besides deputy? I am wondering If this is still to be expected...I see you noted events will be coming, so edleast that's something..I'm just trying to get a grip on the situation. I don't know about the French side of the game, but the USA side is losing players like crazy because there just isn't enough to do.

I'd also like to add a idea I was thinking of..

The inactivity on the leaderboard is crazy. Some of us have to work like crazy just to pass a player who has quit. Maybe remove the players who haven't been on in over two weeks? Don't delete there account, just make it to where they must log in and do some kind of production (maybe just take 1 tile or run 1 mission) to get themself back added to the board. Feel free to tell me if you think the idea is stupid ..


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Post  Mafiamars on Wed 25 Feb 2015 - 2:21


Soon the devs will launch a new update with some fixes and possibly features.

Regarding honorary titles for deputies, they will arrive soon from what Nicorr said on the French forum.

For buildings, it normally will arrive in late April - late May.
they still make the buildings settings but it will not be long now because they will replace the HQ.

The battle system will be reviewed and improved, it is still under discussion.

The income system will also most probably changed.

We also expect the feature of the world rankings but it will surely be over this year, no date specified.

The return of the discount, but its form is still unknown.

Regarding your idea I did not understand, sorry.

CD players leave? yes, certainly, but I think if there is not many people in the US who play in your cities is already that the US is a huge country and the promotion of the game was not enough and is quite unknown to the general public.

PS: Sorry, I used google trad to write this, so there will be misunderstandings I think.


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Re: Building, gang member titles, etc

Post  Leetdude on Wed 25 Feb 2015 - 10:33

Nice sum-up Mafia Wink


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Re: Building, gang member titles, etc

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