La Família & Conquistadores

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La Família & Conquistadores

Post  paskevicius on Mon 27 Apr 2015 - 21:28

Hello friends, welcome.

We are what we are.

La Família & Conquistadores

Currently the leader of the Brazilian and Uruguayan Ranking, La Family & Conquerors is a tradition gang in the game City Domination, loved by few, hated by many, the family has gone through great adversity which were won with great effort and dedication of all members.

We live the present, think about the future and never forget our past, we have honor to mention members as Billy Paul (founder of the family early in the game), CerolFino, thin, maryjane, HempMax, kbid and many others who helped us a lot and now day no longer play.

We had big mergers along the path, as the gang Achievement Worlds, La Mensa gang and some other gangs that have strengthened the family much more experience than simply points to add.

We value the friendship and partnership between players, loyalty and humility, we are always learning while teaching the younger.

16/04 - Conclusion of the largest Brazilian fusion, La Familia 013 Conquistadores.

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