Local Rankings pulling in wrong city

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Local Rankings pulling in wrong city

Post  Walt Johnston on Wed 17 Jun 2015 - 9:46

I'm back home in the US, and I decided to see who's nearby now.  All of my old tiles seem to be intact still, but when I looked on local rankings, I found we were in second place.  Impossible, I thought, so I hunted down who's number one.  1 single player in New Jersey.  I'm in PA.  3rd and 4th place are in Ohio.  5th place, Indiana.

What they all have in common, same county name.  I finally realized, we ARE still number one.  We're just being superceded by these other gangs nowhere near us.  Is there anything that can be done about this, so I can get a more accurate description of who's actually here LOCALLY?

Edit:  Easiest way to illustrate is using the LAST place listings.  One last placer is in Dayton Ohio, listed with 3 areas.  All three are in Dayton.  None in my part of PA.  Another one has only 2 territories between Dayton & Cincinnati.  Again, wrong state, nowhere near my area. None are in a gang. Lone players, probably for only one day.

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