Several bugs [mansion/coins/gang]

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Several bugs [mansion/coins/gang]

Post  tews on Thu 16 Jul 2015 - 14:45

Hi all,

Finally, have a possibility to report some bugs.

1) It seems like handling of amount of coins is buggy. when number of coins exceeds the limit, after some time it decreases. For example, I have a 10.000 limit and have 9500 at the moment. I've won a weekend campaign and received a bonus of 4000 coins. Game shows that I have 13.500 (over the 10k limit). After some time (several minutes) the amount resets to 3.500.
Today I was experiencing another case when I had a maximum 10k, then racketed somebody, amount became 10530 and after several minutes it became 530.

2) new mansion handling. There's a bug (maybe because of my phone firmware, but let me report it anyway).
I've build a gang mansion. When I tap on the mansion cell, I see another button "building" in the lower right corner. I tap this "Building" and an info window pops-up with "maximum defense", "MANSION" and "Buy more man". When I tap MANSION application starts loading the page and then crashes/restarts. Android 4.4.2, miui6, Xiaomi Redmi Note. Can provide more details on firmware if needed.

3) In the gang chat I see messages about new gang members which are "accepted by me". I am a chief of the gang, however new members were accepted not by me, but by deputies. I believe the message must be fixed with correct acceptor.


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