[IoD] Institute of Darkness

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[IoD] Institute of Darkness

Post  Sparklez on Thu 30 Jul 2015 - 11:16

General Information

The Institute of Darkness is a Malaysia-based English-speaking gang. Our objective is to emerge as the top gang in Malaysia one day through the use of strategic diplomacy and a small bit of war. With an organized hierarchy and an active and experienced leader, the Institute of Darkness also tries its best to train new players in the art of war and politics.

[[Recruitment Requirements]]

- Online at least five days a week
- Active in chat
- New and old players are welcome
- Can communicate fluently in English

[[Institute Hierarchy]]

Dark Chief: Sparklez (Overall leader and overseer of gang activities)

Dark Elders: - (The three Dark Elders are the Chief Recruit, Field Marshal and Political Advisor. The Chief Recruit is in charge of scouring the lands for potential recruits. The Field Marshal is in charge of coordinating warfare efforts, while the Political Advisor is in charge of being the Dark Chief's right-hand man when it comes to making diplomatic treaties.)

Dark Warriors: - (The proven members of the Institute, responsible for the annexation of new territories and the defense of old lands.)

Dark Recruits: - (New members who have yet to prove their activity and loyalty)

[[Diplomatic Policy]]

We are currently looking for a reliable ally who will help us throughout our highs and lows.
We will sign NAPs with every gang that has the gut to ask us.
We will not become allies with gangs who have yet to show their sincerity to help us.
We will not declare war on a gang unless the said gang shows hostility to our members.

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