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You are asked to read the following chart before participating.


This forum is a forum to discuss the game City Domination. Access to the forum for the simple consultation is free and anonymous. Anonymous visitors can access all public forums. Registration is done by simply creating a free user account, then you accept the terms of use covered by this document.


We ask you to:
- Respect the subjects covered by each forum.
- Choose a title summarizing precisely the theme in the body of your message.
- Respect the rules of courtesy and good conduct.
- Do not indulge in any act which may be punished criminally.
- Do not write messages that are of pornographic, threatening, libelous, defamatory, abusive, racist or inciting to be, etc..
- Make some effort on spelling to facilitate reading to other members.
- No SMS language. GOOD MANNERS - A little politeness never hurt, so if you ask some thing, a "hello" and "thank you" will be more than welcome.
- Any member not complying with the rules of the forum will be getting a warning. Several warnings may result in banishment (may vary according to the causes).


- If you use an avatar, make sure it does not exceed 150 * 150px. Do not use avatar. Gif or flash (= lively), which could slow down the forum, as they are often heavy loading (imagine if everyone did!)

- Signatures are limited to a maximum size of 500 * 250 pixels (text and images included). If you want to add more great images, choose the one you want to display a priority and put the others under spoiler.

- Avoid images. Gif or flash, so avoid the videos, so as not to overload the forum.

- Similarly, a normal or smaller font in the signature is more than desired for readability messages.

- Advertising is permitted in signatures, but prefer something discreet. COMPLIANCE WITH SECTIONS

- Please do not make useless posts in the forum (except for the forum "Everything and Nothing") and match the theme of each section. Posts involving possible drift of the topic are not allowed.


- After registering on the forum, go introduce yourself in the "Overview" section before posting anywhere else. It only takes a few minutes and allows for better acquaintance. You do a few lines or a novel, it is more pleasant to know who is hiding behind a nickname. Members who have not yet done presentation are required to do so.

- Only members having problems with the game, and posting in the "Questions / comments and suggestions" are not obliged to make their presentation immediately.


The moderators of this forum have chosen to trust members, moderation is done afterwards. Messages are posted directly without intervention of the moderators or administrators. This shortens response times and streamline the business. Moderators are diligent and conscientious members chosen for their reliability by site administrators.

Is likely to be moved:

- Any message that is not in line with the subject of the site.

Is likely to be deleted without notice:

- Any message that is not in line with the subject of the site.
- Any message that does not comply with the terms set out above. It is possible for users to request the moderation of a subject or message by sending a private message containing the URL of the message in question to the moderators or administrators. After notification of a violation, moderators and administrators try, as possible, to respond in the shortest possible time in order to stop it. In case of manifest and serious breach infringing site (intensive publication, spam, facts against the law), the author may be, without notice, banned from the site until it has issued a credible explanation for his actions.


Forums posted a message can be changed at any time by its author. At the bottom of each message is an icon for this purpose (Edit). Moderators also have the opportunity to do so if they feel the message does not comply with the rules set out above.


Posts are the responsibility of their authors who retain ownership of their publications and site representatives disclaim any responsibility for the content of these messages. The authors agree to assume all responsibility for their actions and their consequences.


Site managers are required by law to retain data for identifying the author of a message, this information will be kept so by the server. The data include the date and time of the publication of the message and the IP address and name of the author address (if member) of the message. In case of manifest infringement through uncensored by moderators message webmasters site will be required to deliver this information to the judicial or administrative authorities upon request.

Thank you for reading to the end!

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