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Game's rules

Post  zeph on Thu 12 Jun 2014 - 15:17

* Preamble:
- Geolocation = must move in real life, the player's position defining its position in the game
- Points on the map are other players
- Your Action Center is in the form of "slice of sausage," it is only within this radius that the zones are challengeable or defensible, and interactions with other players are possible, this radius can be increased through packs bought by bullion, and also by the different level of "badge rallies" (but very few)
- To join a gang, a gang then choose to go on his page, click on the menu at the top right and then click "Apply"; to join a gang when the gang is that you requested, we must go on "GANG" then "My Gang" menu and then "Applications"
- Areas belong to the leader of the gang, so when you leave a gang they belong to us
- The value of areas and defined by its activity (attacks, defenses and rallies)
- Each day (4am when it works ;-)) areas lost 7.5% of their value
- Areas may lose less than 10% of their defense, plain 50 men in defense, the minimum value of $ 5, 200 for men, it is $ 20

* Interface:
- On the map there are 3 buttons: the button to buy the tags and thus to place / different filters / card button centers the map on the point (to track his point when traveling)
- Different ways used to communicate with other players: the global chat in section SOCIAL soon supplemented by a local chat, your INBOX also in SOCIAL then heading up "messaging" and finally in the chat gang GANG item and slide bar to the left (or that there are "gangs" and "my gang") in order to access
- By going top (Home screen, bottom right) and clicking on the magnifying glass at the top you can search for a specific player
- To add someone to his gang must go to their profile and from the menu at the top right
- You can see the players close to you by going to the top and clicking on the kind of world map

* Possible actions:
- Attacks and defenses in the washer areas only! (This is Albenss writing it was still a strange hint ;-))
- When a player is in the washer, it is possible to perform two actions by clicking on the item and clicking Action (replaces attack / defense normal button), these two actions are racketeering (stealing a little money player, about $ 300/400) and the deal, the second player must confirm (can save a bullion for both players)
- The rallies (rallies in using filter on the map) can steal men on the opposing defense areas, from 1 and up depending on the power of the gang who owns the area (plus a random addition, areas are red when they are not joined, yellow during rallies, when they rallied green, and blue when there is no man in defense

* Silvers, henchmen, dots and bars:
- Income per hour, allowing men to purchase a minimum value of $ 1,500 / hour and maximum of $ 3,000 / hour, this income is defined by the gang points compared to the number of players (more than 1500 points per player for the max)
- Men hands buy in the "shopping" section (can be bought tags, packs, boosters ...)
- Gangs points are defined by the sum of all areas of gang
- The personal points are defined by the number of men employed in attack and defense by the player
- Ingots used to buy anything that is not essential but handy, boosters / packs / or tags, they are winnable by the deals, for different levels of badges and buy with your own sub-sub (€)

* Organization of a gang
- A masterpiece by gang, who can do everything, add / remove members, the leader has the power to nominate his assistants, he can place / move / rebuild the single gang HQ and also has the power to change the description of gang colors, name, logo ... (to make management "GANG" -> slide the top bar to see the settings section)
- Assistants have the authority to accept applications of the gang, also exclude players from gang
- A gang leader must have a minimum of power over his players, especially when one of his players sent messages of threats, insults, or other inappropriate content opponents, the leader must act consequences for the good of the game, thank you for your understanding

* With regard to the HQ:
- HQ by one gang, and only the leader can ask
- There is an interval of 7 days for the rest of HQ after its destruction or simply change its position
- HQ multiplies the income of his zone 5
- The number of possible men Defending is 1,200 men
- Adverse headquarters are visible on the map with their thicker border than normal areas

* Bonus:
- 2.5 bonus is a bonus for youth gangs, gangs of less than 1 000 points
- In the presence of other players, a bonus attack occurs, it is 0.4 for every new player, or for two 1.4 to 1.8 = 3
- The presence of a player on one of its areas gives it a defensive bonus of 1.4, 0.4 and adding any new people
- Any bonus is removed when the player selected by masking its position player (menu and then Account settings)

* Purchases:
- By going to trade and objects High
- The tags are longer than the boosters and do not stack
- Boosters are cumulative over time
- Packs improve your game BUT ARE NOT REQUIRED

* Other:
- They exist two bots to spice up the game
-> BigD diamond gang that randomly attack areas with less than 40 defense and handing him random men to attack defenses if work
-> The bot Alcapone that allows to resume the areas that have rallied and have no more men after this rally

- To select two players on each other (in case of racketeering for example), press twice to select the items the player points below
- War and alliance are not specifically functions to change its status: go to page menu opposing gang and then "change your status" (only the head or deputy)
- Check the badges on your account, some are easily feasible and can save ingots

* Further information on the game by our dear developers we love:
Please take careful note of the information below:
- All systems to falsify its geolocation is prohibited.
- The creation of fictitious sponsorship is prohibited.
- The player account is linked to a mobile device (smartphone or tablet), for obvious reasons of balance, it is forbidden to use multiple accounts from a single device.
- Disrespectful behavior will be punished.

Any breach of rules will result in one or more sanctions.
Possible sanctions:
- Blocking chat temporary or permanent basis.
- Banishment Player temporary or definitive way account.
- Blocking of rallying.
- Loss of points and badges on the player account.
- Loss ingots have been obtained illegally.
- ...

The gang leader must be aware of any conduct not complying with its rules because of sanctions on the gang are also possible:
- Reducing the number of men in defense of some or all areas of the gang.
- Loss of part or all areas of the gang.

Sanctions is at the discretion of the City Domination team, they will be applied in proportion to the extent of cheating and without notice.
Thank you and good game

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