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Possible actions

Post  Al_Capone on Wed 18 Jun 2014 - 19:08

- Attacks and defenses in the washer areas only! (This is Albenss writing it was still a strange hint ;-))
- When a player is in the washer, it is possible to perform two actions by clicking on the item and clicking Action (replaces attack / defense normal button), these two actions are racketeering (stealing a little money player, about $ 300/400) and the deal, the second player must confirm (can save a bullion for both players)
- The rallies (rallies in using filter on the map) can steal men on the opposing defense areas, from 1 and up depending on the power of the gang who owns the area (plus a random addition, areas are red when they are not joined, yellow during rallies, when they rallied green, and blue when there is no man in defense


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