Silvers, henchmen, dots and bars

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Silvers, henchmen, dots and bars

Post  Al_Capone on Wed 18 Jun 2014 - 19:08

- Income per hour, allowing men to purchase a minimum value of $ 1,500 / hour and maximum of $ 3,000 / hour, this income is defined by the gang points compared to the number of players (more than 1500 points per player for the max)
- Men hands buy in the "shopping" section (can be bought tags, packs, boosters ...)
- Gangs points are defined by the sum of all areas of gang
- The personal points are defined by the number of men employed in attack and defense by the player
- Ingots used to buy anything that is not essential but handy, boosters / packs / or tags, they are winnable by the deals, for different levels of badges and buy with your own sub-sub (€)


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