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Post  Mafiamars on Mon 7 Jul 2014 - 13:06

Hello Guest

Our name is a contraction of Godfathers and Brothers.
We welcome all new and motivated gangsters with team spirit!
We also urge the big bullies, who are there to rob each zone
and impose on the French or foreign territory.
We fear no gang, the warrior spirit in our veins.

You are combative, rigorous, ambitious, collective, active and supportive ?
This gang is for you Guest, look no more!

If players meet your gang does not scare you then your place with us is more than obvious.
We regroup to attack simultaneously
and have an efficiency that disconcert other gangs
and give a few moments of cohesion in order to reward our efforts.
We also have various means of communication
to be in contact at all times, good atmosphere (forums, chats ...).

Guest, if you recognize yourself postulates or address yourself to the Chief
(@Mafiamars) or one of his assistants for information on our offenses and more!

We do not allow players on the sidelines, We are a Family full of confidence and friendliness,
if there are major decisions we see it all together!

Our Biohazard logo, such contamination that is sweeping the world with its active and reactive agents.
Our goal is to destroy enemies to build the world's GodBrother!


We are expanding all over the French territory every day and abroad.

Our areas of illegal activities:
Rouen, Paris, Nantes, Lyon, Reims, Toulouse, St Etienne, Grenoble,
Bordeaux, Monpellier, Marseille ...
And many other cities.

Guest, join the family !


Je dis la vérité même quand je mens, parole de gangster

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Real Gangster

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